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Freaky Friday


From who drives the coolest car, to who bangs the hottest chicks, guys love to brag. And if you nabbed a girl like Peyton, you’d boast all day. That’s what JMac is doing.

“She’s fucking hot,” JMac says to his buddies, who are crowded around his phone as he shows them pics. “She’ll be here in a few minutes.”

The boys scatter when Peyton walks into the room. They know how JMac operates. When a hot, busty, bangable girl walks into a room, JMac fucks her. That’s just the way it goes. JMac shoves her onto the couch and goes to work on Peyton’s mountainous mams.

“These are the biggest tits I’ve ever seen,” JMac says.

Peyton has some of the biggest tits we’ve ever seen, too. And she knows how to use them. Peyton doesn’t tit fuck guys with her tits, her tits devour your cock. She’s like a magician who makes cocks disappear.

Of course, tit-fucking isn’t all Peyton is here for. She wants her pussy stuffed, so she hops on top of JMac and rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before letting JMac take control. He throws Peyton off the couch and pile-drives her young cunt, fucking harder with each thrust. JMac holds out for as long as he can, but eventually even he has to tap out. When he does, he shoots his hot load all over Peyton’s tits.

Date: October 7, 2019

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