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Cum In Sashaa


“I love titty play and hardcore aggressive sex,” says Sashaa Juggs. This is her first pair-up with Carlos. He enjoys controlling girls (like Dani Moore) such as pinning their arms behind them, spanking them, putting his fingers in their mouths, holding their heads while he fucks their mouths fast, talking rough and in general bossing them around. He always gets a hot response back from them by pushing their buttons this way.

Sashaa gets the full treatment. Her very-heavy tits are slapped with an open palm and it makes her purr like a kitten. He grabs handfuls of her boobs and licks, squeezes, kisses and sucks them hard.

After this play, Carlos drops trou and feeds Sashaa cock, making her drool. Pulling down her tiny panties but not taking them off her completely, he turns Sashaa around so that her big ass faces him. He spanks her butt cheeks, spits on her ass crack and shoves his big dick into her pussy to pump her hard and ramrod-fast. This earns him the title of “Daddy” from Sashaa.

Doggie-banging Sashaa is just the start. The blonde bombshell gets fucked in side-saddle, cowgirl and missionary and it’s just as pounding. “Come for me, Daddy,” Sashaa pleads and Carlos does just that, spraying a mighty load straight into her pussy. Sashaa rubs her drenched pussy and puts her fingers in her mouth. Staring at the camera, Sashaa tells us how good it tastes.

Date: October 7, 2019

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